Employment LawWhen you need foreign workers, especially in the Vail or Aspen Valley, our office can provide the immigration services to support your business’ needs.  Our employment-based immigration services allow you to focus on productivity and business goals, instead of spending unnecessary time, money and effort navigating the complex immigration processes involved for employment-based visas.

Our offices (serving the Aspen Valley from Glenwood Springs and the Vail Valley from Avon, Colorado) can help your business with temporary worker visas or employment-based green cards that help your business have the reliable workforce it needs to be successful.

H-2B Temporary and Seasonal Workers

H-2B visas are available for employers who need temporary unskilled workers for up to 10 months per year on an annually recurring basis. The H-2B quota for the second half of Fiscal Year 2015 was reached March 26, 2015. The key to getting H-2B visas is starting early and having a start date that is close April 1 or October 1. There are only 66,000 new H-2B visas available each year and they are split into 33,000 for the first half of each Fiscal Year (October-March) and 33,000 for the second half of each fiscal year (April – September.)

Please contact our office for a confidential consultation to see if the H-2B program will work for your business.

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